We started Catholic Songs for Kids in January 2019 when we decided to teach our children Bible verses through song.


What began as a small family homeschooling activity is now a growing music and video ministry that is blessing other families, classrooms, and parishes around the world.


It is our desire to help parents, teachers, and kids grow in their knowledge and love for Jesus and His Church through song!

Kathleen and Jesse Leblanc
Married, Catholic Music Duo

"Our little boy LOVES Catholic Songs for Kids, and we do too!!  Each song is so fun, with different styles to dance to or some to fall asleep to! We love that our little guy is learning the Word of God with a swing in his step."

Catholic Christian Outreach
St. John's, Campus Missionary

"Catholic Songs for Kids is such a great resource to share with your children, godchildren, and any little ones in your life!"

Coordinator of Youth and
Children's Ministries

Mary Mother of God Parish, Oakville, ON

"I've been using Catholic Songs for Kids with my online Children's Liturgy of the Word. The songs are a big hit with the children! They are simple to learn, well produced and tie in with any number of liturgical themes. I recommend them very highly and I can't wait for them to produce more!"


 The Holy Family 


 St. Cecilia 

 St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle