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We have two full-length albums that include instrumental tracks for each Bible verse song for you to practice and sing-along with! Simply choose the Sing-Along track. We hope you enjoy!

Catholic Songs for Kids (1).png
God Is Love & More Bible Verse Songs (1).png
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Just click on each album cover to listen to each single on Spotify!

Fast album cover (2).png
Fast album cover.png
Fast album cover (2).png
Repent and Believe (2).png
Children Obey Your Parents.png
Even Though I Walk.png
Here Am I - single with title.png
Fast album cover.png

Q: I want to listen to your music! What's the best way to do that?

A: We are available to listen on all streaming platforms! We're on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Prime Music, and YouTube as lyric videos.

Q: Do I need a Spotify account to listen to your songs?

A: In order to access our songs on Spotify, you will need to sign-up for an account. However, you can choose either between a free or paid account. 

Q: Can I download your music?

A: Yes! Our music, whether it's the full album or individual songs, are downloadable on iTunes and are subject to iTunes download fees.

Q: I don't have Spotify, Apple Music, Prime Music, or iTunes. Where else can I go to listen?

A: You can easily find our songs and listen to them on our YouTube channel or visit VIDEOS section of our website. Our songs are available as lyric videos!

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